OfficeNAKAGAWA's Works.

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Media Produce Business

Planning and production of TV, radio, web program, CM, VP, event etc. It is the main business of officeNAKAGAWA. I am good at programs that appointed idols. If you have "I want to do this"! Come to OFFICE NAKAGAWA!

Drone aerial photography project

Since 2017 we have started to produce aerial photographs using drone. From the research, research aerial photographs to VP, using "sense" cultivated through program production / video production, we will deliver a professional pictures with exceptional pilot and image director.

"SHOWROOM" official distribution business

It is an "organizer" contract company qualified for granting / managing official accounts to distributors and managing events in the site on the live video streaming platform "SHOWROOM" ( operated by SHOWROOM Co., Ltd. .



About"Office NAKAGAWA" ?

      We will make the "dream" of everyone make use of network which we cultivated in the industry such as La · tea station, newspaper, agency, movie industry, talent and so on. How I want to do this, how can I do such a thing ... Please contact officeNAKAGAWA once by all means!

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